Collagen Facial Mask Sheet, Face Mask Skin Care with Rose Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Water-Soluble Essence, Deep Moisturizing Hydrating Face Mask Skincare for Women&Men (Pack of 9)

Natural Bulgarian Rose: Symbom rose facial mask is rich in 100% high-quality pure Bulgarian rose, contains more than 300 natural beauty ingredients. Compared with ordinary face mask that use pure water or ionized water as the medium, the ingredients of this skin mask are more pure and natural,have a better skin care effect.Let your face enjoy a natural,luxurious SPA. Moisturizing and Soothing: The water-soluble essence in the sheet mask has a great moisturizing and hydrating function,forming an isolation layer on the skin surface, locking in moisture,bringing deep hydration to your skin; t...

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